Aluminum Alloy High-Precision Manual Translation Stage Travel range 12.5mm to 50mm

Short Description:

Item Number WN113TM25M
Travel Range 25mm (0.98″)
Platform 53mm × 53mm (2.09” x 2.09″)
Actuator Type Micrometer Head in Side
Adjustment 0.5mm/Revolution, 0.01mm/Scale

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● Crossed-roller bearing design for precision movement and larger load capacity
● All models lockable
● Extensive interferometric quality testing
● Reversible for left or right-hand applications
● Compatible with Newport manual and motorized actuators
● Stackable for low profile multi-axis positioning


Model WN113TM25M WN115TM50M WN116TM50M
Table Size 53×53mm 100×100mm 110×100mm
Actuator Type Micrometer Head Type Micrometer Head Type Micrometer Head Type
Micrometer Head Position Centre Centre Side
Travel Distance ±12.5mm 50mm 50mm
Minimum Readout (Resolution) 10μm 10μm 10μm
Minimum Adjust Distance 2μm 2μm 2μm
Positional  Accuracy 3μm 3μm 3μm
Travel Guide Precision V-groove & Crossed Roller Precision V-groove & Crossed Roller High Precision Linear Rail
Load Capacity (Horizontally) 15kg 40kg 40kg
Straightness 3μm 5μm 5μm
Pitching 25″ 25″ 25″
Yawing 20″ 15″ 15″
Parallelism 25μm 10μm 10μm
Driving Parallelism 10μm 15μm 15μm
Permissible Moment Load (N.m) Pitching 2.7 N.m 2.7 N.m 2.7 N.m
Yawing 2.2 N.m 2.2 N.m 2.2 N.m
Rolling 2.0 N.m 2.0 N.m 2.0 N.m
Moment  Rigidity Pitching 0.38″/N·cm 0.38″/N·cm 0.38″/N·cm
Yawing 0.42″/N·cm 0.42″/N·cm 0.42″/N·cm
Rolling 0.28″/N·cm 0.28″/N·cm 0.28″/N·cm


0.47k 1.1kg 1.1kg


Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Finish(Surface Treatment) Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized
● Using high-precision crossed roller guides with high precision, large load-bearing capacity and long service life

● Precision-machined base and table make the running straightness, yaw, pitch and movement parallelism of the translation stage within a certain accuracy range

● Displacement adjustment adopts micrometer head or differential micrometer head

● Small resolution ensures micro feed on the table

● The micrometer head is placed in the center of the translation stage, making it easy to operate.

● Spring return is used to eliminate axial clearance

● The table and base are equipped with standard spacing mounting holes for easy installation and assembly.

● Can be combined with other series of displacement stages to form a multi-dimensional adjustment frame



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