Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage

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Item Number  WN01RA60M
Rotation Range  360° of Continuous Rotation
Diameter of Platform  Ø60mm (Ø2.36″)
Drive Mechanism  Worm Gear
Worm Gear Ratio  90:1

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● Standardly equipped with stepper motor and RS232 interface, the company's independently developed WNSC series motion controller can realize automated control
● The rotating shaft system is precision processed using multiple processes, with high matching accuracy, large load-bearing capacity and long service life.
● Adopting a precision-matched worm gear structure, the movement is comfortable and can rotate in any forward and reverse direction with minimal backlash.
● Exquisitely designed backlash elimination structure can adjust the backlash gap caused by long-term use
● Special structural design ensures extremely low end jump and eccentricity of the rotating table, making the rotating motion more stable
● The scale ring on the periphery of the table is a laser-engraved ruler, which can be rotated relative to the table to facilitate initial positioning and reading.
● The stepper motor and worm are connected through imported high-quality elastic couplings, with synchronized transmission and good depolarization performance, which greatly reduces eccentric disturbance and has low noise.
● The electric rotating table can be used horizontally or vertically, and can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table.
● The limit function can be added, the initial zero position can be added, the servo motor can be replaced, the rotary encoder can be installed, and the product can be modified and customized.


Design Resolution:
• 0.02°, Non-MS Driver
• 0.001°, 20MS Driver
Rotational Velocity (Max): 50°/sec
Bi-directional Repeatability: 0.03°
Absolute On-Axis Accuracy: 0.05°
Run-Out of Top Plate: <15μm
Backlash: 0.03°
Eccentricity: <20μm
Degree of Parallelization: <80μm
Optional Accessories: Hall-Effect Switch, Home Location, Servo Motor and Rotary Encoder.




Model WN01RA60M WN02RA100M-DC WN03RA200H WN03RA200M WN04RA300M
Angle Range 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Stage Diameter Φ60mm Φ100mm φ200mm Φ200mm Φ300mm
Transmission Ratio 90∶1 180∶1 180∶1 180∶1 180∶1
Actuator Type Worm Gear Worm Gear Worm Gear Worm Gear Worm Gear
Travel Guide Bearing Bearing Bearing Bearing Bearing
Stepper Motor(1.8°) SST42D2121 SST57D3301 SST57D3301 SST57D3301
Base Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized
Load Capacity 30kg 45kg 100kg 55kg 65kg
Weight 1.2kg 1.7kg 12kg 7.9kg 7.9kg




0.02° (non MicroStep)

0.001°=3.6″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

0.01° (non MicroStep)0.0005°=1.8″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

0.01°=36″(non MicroStep)

0.0005°=1.8″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

0.01° (non MicroStep)

0.0005°=1.8″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

0.01° (non MicroStep)

0.0005°=1.8″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

Speed 50°/sec 25°/sec 25°/sec 25°/sec 25°/sec
Repeatability 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″ 0.002°=7.2″ 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″
Positional Accuracy 0.01°=36″ 0.01°=36″ 0.005°=18″ 0.01°=36″ 0.01°=36″
Surface Roundness 15µ 15µ 10µ 15µ 15µ
Backlash 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″ 0.002°=7.2″ 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″
Transversal Deviation 20µ 20µ 20µ
Lost Motion 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″ 0.005°=18″
Parallelism 80µ 80µ 50µ 100µ 100µ
l Direct-drive concept provides faster rotating speeds and enhanced position sensitivityl Ultra-low profile design – only 49 mm in heightl High efficiency DC torque motor optimizes available torque

l Proprietary glass scale encoder ensures 0.005° repeatability

l 60 mm diameter through-hole for convenient cable routing


Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage

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