• Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage

    Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage

    Item Number  WN01RA60M
    Rotation Range  360° of Continuous Rotation
    Diameter of Platform  Ø60mm (Ø2.36″)
    Drive Mechanism  Worm Gear
    Worm Gear Ratio  90:1
  • 3-axis XYZ Rotary Stage WN302RA200

    3-axis XYZ Rotary Stage WN302RA200

    Standard stepper motors and RS232 interface.
    Compatible with the Models WNMPC08 Series of Motion Controller Rotating shafts using multi – channel technology of precision processing, with high precision, large capacity and long life
    Using precision worm structure , exercise comfortable, forward and reverse rotation can be arbitrary and minimal backlash Can increase limit function, initial zero, change servo motor, add encoder, accept customed