Precision Rotation Stage

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Item Number  WN01RM56
Platform  Ø56mm (Ø2.20″)
Clear Aperture  Ø26mm (Ø1.02″)
Actuator Type  Fine Adjustment Screws in Side

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● The table can be rotated 360° for rough adjustment
● Fine adjustment of ±3° is possible. The fine adjustment is driven by a fine-thread screw and spring
● Reset, high resolution, no empty return
● Precision shaft system design, adjustable shaft system clearance and good stability
● 360° marking on the circumference for easy reading
● Central aperture for easy access to light or installation and connection of other products
● There are connecting holes with standard hole spacing on the upper and lower parts to facilitate connection and assembly with other displacement stages.
● Chengduo dimensional mobile station


Model WN01RM56 WN01RM73 WN01RM82 WN01RM82-1
Stage Diameter Φ56mm Φ73mm Φ82mm Φ82mm
Actuator Type Feeding Screw Feeding Screw Micrometer Head Type Screw Thread
Travel (coarse/fine) 360°/±3° 360°/±3° 360°/±10° 360°/±10°
Minimum Readout (Resolution) 5′ 5′ 2’ 2’
Minimum Adjust Distance 10″ 6″ 15″ 15″
Load Capacity 2kg 5kg 5kg 5kg
Central Aperture M27×1 M27×1    
Surface Roundness 60μ 60μ 60μ 60μ
Transversal Deviation 30μ 30μ 30μ 30μ
Parallelism 60μ 60μ 60μ 60μ
Weight 0.15kg 0.35kg 0.5kg 0.5kg
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Finish(Surface Treatment) Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized Black-anodized
l Sensitivity to 15 arc sec

l 360° coarse/±3° fine motion

l Convenient array of tapped mounting holes

l 27 mm diameter threaded aperture



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