Motorized Goniometric Stages Goniometer Platform ±15°

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Item Number  WN04GA15
Rotation Range  ±15°
Platform  160mm × 160mm (6.3″ x 6.3″)
Worm Gear Ratio  400:1
Point of Rotation  139mm (5.47″) ±0.2mm/0.0079″

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● Standardly equipped with stepper motor and RS232 interface, the company's independently developed WNSC series motion controller can realize automated control
● The rotating shaft system is precision processed using multiple processes, with high matching accuracy, large load-bearing capacity and long service life.
● Using a precision-matched worm gear structure, the movement is comfortable and can rotate in any forward and reverse directions with minimal backlash.
● Exquisitely designed backlash elimination structure, which can adjust the backlash gap caused by long-term use
● The special structural design ensures extremely low deflection and tilt of the corner table, making the movement more stable.
● The scale ring on the periphery of the table is a laser-engraved ruler. The ruler can rotate relative to the table to facilitate initial positioning and reading.
● The stepper motor and worm are connected through imported high-quality elastic couplings, with synchronized transmission and good depolarization performance, which greatly reduces eccentric disturbance and has low noise.
● The electric corner table can be used horizontally or vertically, and can be combined with other types of tables to form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table.
● The electric angle tables are designed in pairs and can be stacked or used alone. The two rotation radii are carefully designed. After superposition, they can rotate orthogonally in two dimensions around a total point.
● Has limit function, initial zero function, replaces servo motor, installs rotary encoder, accepts product modification and customization


Design Resolution:
• 18"(Approx.), Non-MS Driver
• 1"(Approx.), 20MS Driver
Max Velocity: 10°/sec
Bi-directional Repeatability: ±4"
Absolute On-Axis Accuracy: ±9"
Backlash: ±4"
The Fluctuation Distance to Point of Rotation
from Top Surface will be less than 0.03mm.
Limit Switches are Existing


Model WN02GA15 WN04GA15
Angel Range ±15° ±15°
Table Size 65×65mm 160×160mm
Transmission Ratio 252∶1 400∶1
Height of Rotation Stage 50 mm±0.2 mm 139mm±0.2 mm
Actuator Type Worm Gear Worm Gear
Travel Guide Crossed-roller Guide Crossed-roller Guide
Stepper Motor(1.8°) SST42D2121 SST42D2121
Base Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black-anodized Black-anodized
Load Capacity 5kg 30kg
Weight 0.75kg 12kg
Resolution ≈0.007°≈25″(non MicroStep)

≈1.3″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

≈0.007°≈25″(non MicroStep)

≈1.3″(20 MicroStep Driver in use)

Rotation Center Deflection Accuracy 0.03 mm 0.03 mm
Speed 10°/sec 10°/sec
Repeatability ±4″ ±3″
Positional Accuracy ±9″ ±8″
Backlash ±4″ ±3″
Lost Motion 3″ 2″


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